how to use feliway spray

Feliway Spray is clinically proven to help reduce or eliminate issues like scratching and spraying. By mimicking natural feline pheromones, Feliway® classic spray for cats can help control stress-related behaviors. The calming facial pheromone is beneficial for situations where a cat is urine marking or destructively scratching in a home. At home: Re-spray daily to reduce the likelihood of re-marking. This gives it time to work, and your cat will be nice and calm while you’re driving. Ask your boarding facility if they will plug in a Feliway Diffuser near your cat. If your purring pet is more scaredy cat than ferocious feline or if your cat’s separation anxiety is at an all-time high, she may benefit from pheromones. Therefore, it’s imperative that you not let your cat into the sprayed area for at least 10 minutes after spraying. Re-apply as needed or if you notice a reduced effect. “The most common ways to administer pheromones are through a spray or diffuser, which provide a constant calming effect,” says Dr. Werber. When to use Feliway Spray? Plug in the Feliway Diffuser at least 24 hours prior to the change and use continuously for at least 30 days. Michelle McKinley is dedicated to creating informative pieces that help pet parents train, care for and love their cuddly companions. Cat separation anxiety is one common cause of cat stress. Feliway ® should be shaken prior to use then applied at about 4 inches (10 cm) from the site to be sprayed, keeping the bottle vertical. Below are some instances that may produce stress in a cat, the possible negative consequences of stress, and how Feliway can help. Precautions - Feliway ® Spray should be stored at room temperature. You can also use the Feliway Spray, as a supplement, to an area where the cat spends the most time, at least twice a day. Wipes. The pheromone spray is also used to comfort the cat in an unknown or stressful environment (cage, car, boarding, new house, etc. Feliway ® should be shaken prior to use then applied at about 4 inches (10 cm) from the site to be sprayed, keeping the bottle vertical. This pheromone pray acts as a "detractant" – simply spray 8-10 pumps of Feliway on doorways, cat-flaps, furniture and other objects around the house that your cat may be tempted to mark. Disclaimer: This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. These are fantastic for using to wipe down the inside of your cat carrier before traveling with your cat. “Pheromones are a scent hormone that is emitted from the mother cat that has comforting qualities,” says DVM and veterinarian to the stars, Dr. Jeff Werber. She operates a digital ad agency providing content to enterprise and small businesses. Otherwise, it would be too faint to detect, thereby having little to no effect. Inappropriate Urination in Cats. During car journeys: re-spray every 4-5 hours (ensure your cat is away from the area while reapplying) Always wait about 15 minutes before letting your cat near any sprayed areas. Use Feliway spray on … As for stopping urination/spraying - well, that's another story. Spray 8 to 10 pumps of Feliway 15 minutes before the cat is introduced into the sprayed environment (car, carrier, bedding, table for medical examination, etc.). Feliway® for Spraying . “Pheromones come in handy in any situation where there’s stress or anxiety. Although Feliway on its own may not show a discernible change in cat behavior, pairing it with other anti-anxiety therapies may help you to see more of a positive effect. Facial pheromones create a safe and familiar territory for cats, and calms them in the process. While anxiety is not unusual, it can lead to cat behavior issues like excessive meowing and inappropriate scratching; it can be challenging to know exactly how to calm a cat and stop this kind of behavior. Using a diffuser is the best option if you need Feliway for a purpose that’s not specific to a certain area. Dry then scrub with surgical spirit. It can also help minimize scratching furniture and aggression towards other cats. Feliway Spray provides “happy messages” by mimicking the natural feline reassuring messages (pheromones) to make cats feel calm and comfortable at home. ). Feliway can be an extremely helpful tool in the fight against feline stress, especially when we understand the causes and also work to remove them. Feliway spray: The effects should last approximately four to five hours to prevent scratching, spraying, and other marking behaviors. Will cover an area of 50 to 70 square meters and last up to 4 weeks. 2. Feliway is a synthetic product that mimics the facial pheromones of cats. Update: You can now buy Feliway Wipes. You should test it on an inconspicuous area first. Place a Feliway diffuser in the room in which your cat spends the most time. Though it might be known as a superfood for people, is avocado safe for dogs to eat? These pheromones are not detectable to people but cats that are exposed to them experience calmness, familiarity, and security. Do this daily during 1st week and then 1 pipette at the beginning of week 3 and week 4. Feliway won’t work if you spray it on directly after the biological washing liquid. If your cat keeps meowing for no reason, or you witness changes in their behavior, calming pheromones can help by easing stress. Or as support to the Feliway Diffuser. The Feliway diffuser and Feliway spray are great methods for helping a cat that is experiencing some sort of stress. Let’s back this up a little. The most common synthetic pheromone on the market used specifically for cat spraying is called Feliway®. Feliway Cat Spray can “spot treat” problem areas where your cat has urine marked or scratched. The spray can be reapplied as needed to keep a comfort zone in the room. Cats use this pheromone to communicate with one another; it is why you see cats rub their faces on objects, humans, and each other. The pheromone spray can be used on bedding and in carriers to help calm cats where they rest. As a writer for Chewy, Michelle delights in sharing tips and techniques that strengthen the relationship between owner and pet. Feliway diffusers are similar to plug-in air fresheners but instead of floral-scented blasts, Feliway diffusers emit synthetic pheromones into your living space. Ensure the safety of your kids and pets this holiday season with this helpful guide. Nutraceuticals are over-the-counter pharmaceutical alternatives that claim to have pharmaceutical benefits. Pheromones communicate things like territory and dominance to other cats, but can also calm stressed cats. Do not cover it, or place it behind a door or beneath furniture. Each cat is unique so there is no definite timeline on how fast any FELIWAY product works. … By on Apr 3, 2019 Report Check out this guide for dog-friendly plants that are sure to... Training Tips for When You Adopt a Rescue Pet, How to Keep Pests Off Your Pet During Flea Season with Capstar Flea Tablets, Dog-Friendly Plants Perfect for a Dog Garden. If the Feliway Spray is being used to help reduce or prevent another behavioral or medical problem, plug it in the room where your cat spends most of its time. The main selling points of Feliway Pheromone Spray are its effectiveness and ease of use. One bottle of the Feliway Cat Diffuser lasts approximately 4 weeks. What Can I Use to Improve Results With Feliway? You may need multiple diffusers in your home—try one diffuser in the living room and one in the bedroom. How Fast Does FELIWAY Work? If your cats are fighting around food bowls, place a Feliway diffuser in that area. Feliway spray should be sprayed 8 pumps in the targeted area twice a day. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for square footage when using the diffuser (it will cover an area of about 600 square feet). Apply two to three lines of FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY to the scratching post; the blue lines created act as ‘territory messages’ for your cat to focus their scratching. They are not meant to be used directly on your cat though. Feliway Multicat Diffuser contains ingredients that replicate a cat’s natural, calming pheromones and help manage negative behavior caused by stress, such as scratching and urine marking. Effects last approximately 4 to 5 hours. The multi-cat pheromone, based on the mother cat’s lactations, is best for multiple-cat homes where cats are exhibiting tension and conflict. For instance, if the problem is your cat’s anxiety, the presence of pheromones in a room will make it feel safe there. This diffuser can also decrease the frequency and intensity of tension between cats in multi-cat homes. Feliway ® Spray can be sprayed directly on bedding, walls, furniture, inside carriers, boarding cages or in the car. A stressed cat will act out, but there are ways to keep help cats feel calmer even when introducing cats to your home. You can’t always eliminate stressors, but you can reduce anxiety with pheromone sprays or diffusers. Apply the spray as directed to your furniture, doorways, cat-flap, windows sills and to other prominent objects within your home. When cats are exposed to it, they exhibit signs of calmness and serenity. Ask-a-Vet is not manned by the staff or owners of, and the advice given should not delay or replace a visit to your veterinarian. Cat anxiety can stem from external causes like visits to the veterinarian, new family members, moving to a new home, travel or a change in their daily routine. “At our practice, when we have a cat that’s fearful, we’ll sometimes spray ourselves, towels or table with pheromones to offer relief,” says Dr. Werber. Feliway Cat Spray can “spot treat” problem areas where your cat has urine marked or scratched. Learn... Are you looking to create the ultimate dog garden? Feliway is a synthetic copy of the pheromone and is scientifically proven to help prevent or reduce stress-related behaviours and help cats adjust to their environment in a natural way, without the use of medicines or the need for administration of tablets. To use Feliway Spray at home, simply spray on doorways, window sills, cat flaps, and other prominent objects at home where your cat may spray urine or scratch inappropriately. Initially, a bot will ask questions to determine the general nature of your concern. Shake the bottle and spray at a height of about 20 cm from the floor. Place a Feliway diffuser in the room or rooms in which your cat displays marking behavior (scratches or urine). There is a new Feliway formulation now available, Feliway Multicat, which is especially good for calming cats in multicat homes that have been showing aggression toward each other. Simply spray on doorways, window sills and prominent objects around the house; To prevent marking if it already occurred, spray on marked areas after a thorough cleaning of the spots Apply Feliway® Spray to the doorways, cat-flap, windows sills and to other prominent objects within your home. How to use the Feliway Spray? Rinse this off. In addition to pheromone diffusers, pheromone sprays can help pet parents with a stressed cat. Feliway spray is handy to have as you can use it on the go. Once this is dry, use the spray on … Place a Feliway diffuser in the room or rooms in which your cat displays marking behavior (scratches or urine). A product that has published studies indicating potential therapeutic effects to calm and reduce underlying fear and anxiety in cats is the feline cheek gland pheromone product, Feliway,” says Dr. Landsberg. Feliway Spray. She works with experienced veterinarians, knowledgeable pet behaviorists and pet brands to bring the best in pet to readers. Notice: Ask-a-Vet is an affiliated service for those who wish to speak with a veterinary professional about their pet's specific condition. Good to Know. Feliway also helps reduce stress related to traveling and visiting the veterinarian. The Feliway spray has also been helpful for those stressful trips to the vet. Feliway Spray helps to stop and prevent urine marking, and to settle and calm cats in unknown or stressful environments (carrier basket, cage, car, holidays, new house, new companions). The clinical trial found that Feliway pheromone treatment had a 77% success rate in addressing feline urine marking. The Feliway spray is great for spraying inside a cat's carrier before leaving for a car ride, to help the kitty travel more calmly. There is a charge for the service if you choose to connect to a veterinarian. For cats that hate to go in the carrier or travel in a car – use the feliway spray on a towel in the carrier. Feliway Pheromone Spray can help reduce anxiety in cats brought on by a new pet in the family, moving to a new location, or traveling. Instructions For Use. The diffuser works the same way as the original Feliway diffuser does, but its composition is specific for helping to diffuse intercat aggression. “A variety of natural products have been used to treat anxiety. Feliway works best when you simultaneously work to reduce the stressor causing the problem. Place a Feliway diffuser in the room in which your cat spends the most time. It comes in 2 types, classic and multi-cat. Diffusers are refillable, so you can keep the pheromones going. Sign up for the FREE Cat Health Mewsletter: Feliway - A Useful Tool to Help Treat Stress in Cats. WHERE TO USE. Here are some tips on how to use it to help the cat(s) in your home and share how it has been a relief for cats in our shelter and foster program. Instructions For Use Feliway ® Spray can be sprayed directly on bedding, walls, furniture, inside carriers, boarding cages or in the car. Keep your fur friend safe from outdoor pests this flea season using Capstar flea tablets for dogs & cats. It can also help reduce stress in a new environment, or during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or disruptions to the cat’s routine such as remodeling, parties, etc. The cat calming spray is proven effective in 9 out of 10 cats. All the kitties stay calmer during the ride, and are less stressed during the visit, if I spray their towel ahead of time and place it in the carrier. A cat meowing a lot is another sign of cat anxiety. That kind of negative behavior is caused by stress, and is a very common problem. On-the-go (travel): spray directly on bedding, inside the carrier, or in the car 15 minutes before; At home: spray once daily on the areas where your cat is spraying or scratching (E.g sofa, chair, door frames or doors) Remember: your cat is using the following methods to communicate, not to ruin your things or "get back" at you. “Pheromones bring cats back to the sensation they experienced when they were with their mother,” says Dr. Werber. Since common stressors can include any changes to your cat’s daily routine, eliminating stressors may not be possible.These cat supplies can help address anxiety in your cuddly kitty. “The calming effect takes away fear, aggression or anxiety, so pheromones can be used anytime a cat is having a behavioral challenge or acting out.”. Feliway Wipes are used to stop or to prevent urinary marking by the cat. “Around 80-90% of cats will have some response to pheromones,” according to Dr. Werber. The pheromone spray can be used on bedding and in carriers to help calm cats where they rest. Cat anxiety symptoms can include inappropriate urination, defecation, chewing or scratching, or vomiting, lack of appetite and excessive grooming. Feliway® is available in 2 forms: as a spray and an electric diffuser. If your cats are fighting around food bowls, place a Feliway diffuser in that area. Want to learn how to give a dog a bath without the added stress and mess? Fear or aggression can also be relieved through the use of pheromones,” says Dr. Werber. In a 2001 clinical trial, scientists studied the effects of Feliway pheromones for feline urine marking. Then, you will be transferred to a human. It’s not uncommon for cats to experience anxiety, especially when there are changes to their daily routine. Spray the inside of your car, and pet carrier fifteen minutes before you leave. When using Feliway®, it is important not to clean the marked areas with ammonia or … It’s important to understand the Feliway spray is alcohol-based. Cats meowing or acting out could be a sign of stressed cats. By: Caitlin UltimoPublished: March 8, 2018, By: Caitlin UltimoPublished: November 22, 2016, By: Caitlin UltimoPublished: February 9, 2018, By: Caitlin UltimoPublished: March 6, 2013, By: Caitlin UltimoPublished: March 16, 2018, By: Caitlin UltimoPublished: June 25, 2018. The most common causes of stress in cats are as follows: Stress in cats can manifest in many ways. Spray in the car and cat carrier about 15 minutes before you travel, but never spray directly onto your cat. Wait 15 minutes before letting the cat re-enter the area to allow time for the alcohol carrier in Feliway® to evaporate off. For example, taking your cat to the vet. Get your cat back, and keep her calm with relaxing pheromones. This probably happens because the feline facial pheromone triggers certain pathways in the brain that decrease feelings of anxiety. Feliway mimics the effects of the feline facial pheromone. This product has been found to reduce scratching, spraying, and hiding for 90% of cats, and many owners see results within 7 days. Feliway diffuser or plug-in: The Feliway diffuser refill bottles should continue to create a comfort zone for about four weeks. Many cats will respond much more quickly, especially if the stressor is also removed or reduced, but you shouldn't give up on Feliway until at least a month has passed. Spray on marked areas at least 2 to 3 times a day and re-spray daily to minimize the likelihood of re-marking until your cat stops marking it. Learn how to train your dog to leave it so you can stop chasing your pup around when he gets... Pet Central walks you through details of crayfish and how to keep them in a freshwater aquarium. “The most common ways to administer pheromones are through a spray or diffuser, which provide a constant calming effect,” says Dr. Werber. It can exacerbate existing physical conditions, and cause behavioral problems. Feliway spray can help ease the stress of travel for vet visits and moves. Stress affects cats both physically and mentally. The ideal product to keep the cat calm is the Feliway Diffuser. A symptom of cat separation anxiety includes wanting to be at your side at all times, and following you from room to room. Feliway comes in a spray and a diffuser. Cats use chemical markers called pheromones to communicate back to themselves about the environment they’re in. “Psychotropic drugs and natural products can be used to reestablish a more stable emotional state and improve trainability in animals that are anxious, fearful or overly reactive,” says Dr. Gary Landsberg, DVM and Director of Veterinary Affairs and Product Development at Cancog Technologies. By: Caitlin UltimoPublished: December 1, 2017, BeWell / Wellness / How to Calm a Cat Using Pheromones. If you decided to adopt a rescue pet, try these training tips to help your new pet feel at home in their new surroundings. First clean the area the cat has urinated on with biological washing liquid (see cleaning instructions). This product is available online and has been found to help reduce feline spraying. Other signs include sulking, hiding, or putting herself between you and the door when you attempt to leave. FELIWAY SPRAY is great for mobile situations and spraying the cat carrier before use. You May Also Like These Related Articles: Benefits of Multiple Cat Scratching Surfaces, Cat Not Using Litter Box? Feliway is a pheromone spray, collar, or diffuser that is a wonderful tool for stressed cats. Below are some of the more common signs our cats show when they are upset. Veterinarian-written / veterinarian-approved articles for your cat. Provide extra scratching posts and pads, extra litter boxes, extra food bowls, provide your cat with a quiet place away from construction noise, and do whatever else you can to alleviate the cause of your cat's stress while also using Feliway in the following ways: Always use Feliway for at least 4 weeks before giving up. The spray is ideal for scratching, spraying, going to the vet and cattery. It can also be sprayed on furniture that's being scratched inappropriately or on carpet or other surfaces that are being urinated on, after a thorough cleaning.

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