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What I do instead is divide my cart into “zones” with each zone representing a store flyer. Thanks for the awesome info. Our goal at MapleMoney is to present readers with reliable financial advice and product choices that will help you achieve your financial goals. It may not always happen, but it never hurts to have the number of the store’s head office with you just in case. I have been doing it for about a year as well. That way, when I put the stuff on the counter to pay, the flyer foes right on top and it’s easy for the cashier to see my circled items. Keep in mind that not every store does this and even if they do, their policies may differ. saves on gas and running around as some have mentioned. I write down the store, the item I need with the discounted price and the Gram/Kg/L, that way I can quickly look at my list and find out if WM’s price is cheaper or the other store is cheaper without going through the flyer in middle of my shopping. You can find her on Twitter or her website at High Fiving Dollars. Keep it up . RedFlagDeals for iOS and Android makes it easy to stay on top of the latest Canadian deals, flyers and freebies from wherever you are! FC (Freshco) $1.97 Yogurt. Love the article. It is not a good idea to bag your items in the cart to organize. I think I’m being a polite, organized customer. Yes, you can price match a 2/$2.98 sale. Must be genetic . And beside watching the monitor at check out also check your receipt before you leave. I am so trying this with my shopping trip on Friday. So as of now, they don’t offer Price Match or Price Protection service to its customers. As long as it looks like I’ve written down store, item and price, they don’t want the flyers. I always price match at Walmart. . As long as the butter in the Freshco flyer is the same name brand and size, you would pay the Freshco price for the butter at Walmart. There are a couple standard restrictions that apply, like the item must be the exact same brand name and model number, plus the competitor must be an authorized dealer in Canada. I wasn’t sure if this was just an easy going cashier or if stores allow this now? Old or young cashiers, they’re both pretty quick! Then there is one between my home and my mother’s which price matches Metro, Food Basic, Price Chopper, RCSS, Highland Farms, and Wal-Mart Superstore. Useful topic! 2) Freshco will only price match with its majory grocery store competitors. I am confused on how to price match..for example.. every flyer has a sale. My favorite grocery store unfortunately doesn’t price match anything except baby items (Independent) I go there because they have an excellent organic section and I love there meat and produce deals. . this is awesome. I just wanted to point out something about Future Shop’s price protect policy. I agree with the concern of using bags. I do get stressed out by the eye rollers! Also sometimes the store with the sale doesn’t have the sale price on all “varieties” or flavours of a product; if this is not specified in the flyer you can sometimes get the sale price on a version/flavour that is not actually on sale. Price Match. Paul, I had Checkout 51 but this reebee is awesome. Ok! Just do your research, be prepared with the store policies and keep pressing for your savings. Her bill came to $97.81 and she had bought only a fraction of what I had purchased and not only that there was no meat in her order. Toronto, Zellers new policy states that you can use a coupon with a price match. I can then take out my flyers and use the lists written on the top to separate the items from each flyer. Awesome points, Maria. They have awful customer service. They also said that they can tell if customers are lying. Do you have any suggestions on mobile apps to use to price match at grocery stores? I had meat that I had matched!!! Don’t be afraid to speak to a manager if you need you. Reebee is good but just recently found Flipp … you can actually organize in a clipboard and more! The bonus? Happy Shopping! Thanks for the video! This is a THEFT ISSUE! [as long as the store does pricematch] coupon they over ride the price instead of treating it like a pm, expect the cashier to give you a hard time though as most don’t know that wal mart accepts comp coupons, i didn’t and have been employed there for four years, Ashley – More people price match than you think, so many cashiers are used to it. Sounds like a pain, and it can be, but the savings are HUGE!). I learned this because the No Frills near my mother’s price matches tons of stores including Shopper’s. Walmart is the best for price matching and I can do my household and grocery shopping all at once! First off, you’re saving time, especially if the store with the lower price is pretty far away. So I always hand them the meat first so they can ring in the rest of my order while the meat is being repriced. When you go to your store show them the flyer price on your phone. You’ll need to provide the original copy of the ad/flyer. Just a final note the lady behind me today was rolling her eyes and giving me dirty looks as I did my price match and paid $56.13 for my entire grocery bill for the rest of this week. If the cashier denies you, feel free to head to another one. ... All members can enjoy special prices and exclusive Best Buy coupons. If you request it, will they ever give you a discount on what you’ve already purchased? Be the first to know about all the latest topics on MapleMoney. But if I print the item page from TRU & take it to Canadain Tire to buy the identical item, will CdnT take the print off as enough proof of the lower price? Please enable JavaScript in your browser. 4) At the cashier I put up all my non-pricematched items first then I place my price matched items up one store at a time using the list written on the top of each flyer. For example, some stores will refund the difference from an advertised rate, whereas others will only honour it if you show them the lower price right when you make a purchase. I have had issues with pming and then using coupons. Oh an another tip for price matching is to be careful of the size of the sale item. For example if GayLea sour cream is on sale at Food Basics, it may not be carried at another store that price matches. It really doesn’t take that long at the check out to price match items. At the No Frills near me they used to have to get a manager to come approve it, which of course held up the line. You won’t make anyone annoyed, such as the people in line and the cashier. With 4 kids, we try to save money as often as possible. If you’re calm, you’ll be less likely to act like a jerk, losing your chances of getting those savings. Thank you. Wouldn't matter to me one bit if they took away the 10%. I’ve been hesitant to price match for various reasons, and this article gave me the final push to give it a try. They want you to use their buggies or carts! Secondly, if you can find a place where they price match and offer additional discounts or rewards, you’re saving even more money. Thank you for your tips! Next day arrived with my policy & got 3 bottles of mouth wash with my coupons. Each No Frills store is independently owned so therefore each store has it’s own price match policy. Cassie, the Future Shop in Victoria, BC will not just price match items, they will also give you the 10% difference- now. (Also gave a copy to hubby as he is a Canadian Tire, Loews and Home Depot man! If you are an Elite Member you are given 30 days to request a price match. Not really worth the hassle to save a few bucks. Absolutely – and that is where you can really see savings! Walmart does not carry certain size of potato chip bags and therefore they won’t price match. Hmmm….frugalling. The act of spending wisely. Twice at Safeway & once at Walmart…2 cashiers were young & 1 was over 60. It drives us crazy and a waste of time watching you when someone else is stealing. It’s the same as Canadian tires policy except we give the 10% in real money not store credit or “futureshop bucks” haha. Walmart now except flyers nationwide in Canada. Thanks for this article. I forgot to mention about the slip once we finish the price match at the check out. Lauren: No, I have not done that, nor do I think anyone else should. I price matched for the first time this weekend and can’t believe how much I saved! Is Walmart the only place that price matches produce and meat ? I appreciate knowing about these things. I don’t put price matching in separate bags, I would need too many. She's appeared in publications such as Credit Karma, Wordpress and Visaprint. Everyone I encountered so far seemed less than thrilled when we have some coupons! Sarah Li Cain is a Canadian personal finance writer currently living in the US with her husband and son. Hi, i have a question. I just told a customer last night about it. When Cassie started price matching I followed suit. Understanding How Mortgages Work in Canada, Why Estate Planning Is So Important and Why You Need a Will, A Full Guide to Returning Christmas Gifts, Your Guide to the Best Canadian Online Stores with Free Shipping. The biggest tip is to get an english speaking younger cashier…..:), I do something similar, but instead of using seperate bags for price matching, I spread the flyers out on the bottom of the cart, put each item on the proper flyer that I am price matching. When it comes to pantry items though I usually go to other stores. FAQs for Best Buy Does Best Buy price match? Have had no problem since even when buying garbage bags with printed coupons. LOVE, love, love all of your advice – keep up the good work! I have a question though- as far as you know, are there retailers that accept pricematching off an app? The store must be able to successfully validate the price on the local competitor’s website or ad to complete the price match. If you find a lower advertised price on an in-stock, new identical item from an Authorized Canadian dealer, now or within 14 days of your purchase, just show us the price and we will match it. r/BestBuy is a community-driven subreddit aimed to allow for both customers and employees to engage in meaningful conversations regarding … Stores dislike when you use your bags while shopping. I just wish there was a way to remove the flyers you don’t use and select the items in the flyers that are added to the things you want to buy in a list or something. First, read store flyers as soon as you can when you know the item you want to purchase. According to the company’s website, ‘ If you find a lower everyday price on an identical item at a local retail competitor, just bring us the competitor’s current ad, and we’ll beat their price … I will be doing that from now on to help at the checkout. i.e. Only during the time that the item is on sale at the other store. That way, you’re organized and save you time. Also, I went to Freshco and was told I can not price match SDM or Giant Tiger. You would have to flag someone down or have them paged. , I just wanted to point out that Future Shop’s policy does price match in “real money” as well, there is no such thing as “Future Shop Bucks” and the only reason they would do store credit is if you did not have your original form of payment, just as Canadian Tire would do, No Frills now will price match multi-buy items, as of last week. if I price match at walmart will they also let me use a coupon? I read a bunch of sites but there is no real tutorial really. Today, I went to get some items at Zellers the lady told me that now when they PM you can not use a coupon towards that item No point Price matching there anymore unless you have no coupons for those items. FreshCo advertises in their flyer and website that they price match.. and Price Chopper IS FreshCo. even though walmart has it on for regular price? I find check out to be the fastest part of my trip. Connect with us via Best Buy Chat. I find it takes longer than just showing the paper flyer though, so I only do it for the flyers I dont receive. If they will match the price, you have to wait to see if they lower it on the page. So honoured you popped by the website. That said, if you are not satisfied with a purchase for any reason, we will gladly accept the item for a full refund*. It could save you some serious time. There are many websites you can check out or even check your mailbox if you get some mailed to you. I try to give people a “heads up” as they line up behind me that I will be price matching. If I am very organized, and have a good cashier, I find that helps ease the tension. I start with the price-match stuff so the hard stuff is out of the way, then the Frescho items with coupons and then the rest (so I can relax at that point, not worrying about anything other than making sure the right price comes up). the thing now with big box stores is that they try to already be the lowest price to avoid PM and a percentage off. Or did you mean their website (which will be still open)? However, some people have been able to price match other items.. it might be best just to call your local to store to see what they will allow price matching on. Price Comparison Canada Websites 16. (Someone mentioned meat, yes it is hard to pm sometimes as wm has the premeasured pkgs.) I let all the regular priced things go first so my boyfriend can bag them. That is against the rules. Also, if you’re thinking of purchasing a large ticket item, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars saved. But how about using bins like they have at Superstore? I just noticed that Future Shop and Best Buy have the same text in your post. Again, different stores have different price match policies, so you’ll need to check to make sure. Can you price match an item on sale at Shopper’s (for two days only) at Walmart during the week of the flyer or do you have to Price Match at Walmart on the only two days the item is on sale at Shoppers? The Best Buy price match policy serves as a great way to always get the lowest price when shopping for electronics. Chat to Request a Price Match. I wonder if that’s only that certain store? This can also be done before you buy the item. I’m a soon to be mom with 3 other grown men living in my house and boy can they eat. I love seeing your stockpile behind you! From another mom of 4 . , Thanks Cassie! Tell us which competitor is offering the lower price; we will verify the price and that the item is in stock and available for immediate sale and delivery. MapleMoney receives compensation from some companies issuing financial products, like credit cards and bank accounts, that appear on this site. I don’t think I deserve the rudeness & once a down-right dressing down for using coupons. I have no idea if all of the stores are doing this or not. HI- Wondering if you can tell me what retailers accept coupons printed off of the internet. NoFrills is so bad they only match if the item is specifically listed or pictured so if there is an ad for Kraft Peanut Butter assorted varieties but only the regular jar is pictured, they will only match the price on the regular not the chuncky or smooth or other varieties. I usually ask them how they want the coupons, with the products or all once as each seems to have their own preference. Shop To It’s price comparison website allows Canadians to find the best prices locally and online. They’ll only do it with other grocery store flyers. Staples Store – They still have a Price Match Guarantee within 14 days of purchase Mel: Most stores will only allow this for 1-2 weeks after the purchase date. thank you, Instead of using the shopping bags to sort, I use the baskets for smaller purchases and place them in my cart…that way I see what it in them and don,t get anxious looks from store employees. Before you make a purchase Should you find a lower price in-store, in print or online from an authorized Canadian dealer we will beat it by 10% of the difference. If you want to do a Best Buy Price Match you can go to your account online and it will tell you if it is past the return date. They usually do it so quickly at Walmart that you could use an older flyer and get away with it – but I am too scared to try! or for the rest of the week as well? I also wanted to say – that is an AWESOME tattoo!! Is there ever a limit to how many you can buy at the advertised price? YAY!!! Next, you’ll want to see if the model number (it’s not enough to just get the product description) matches. So I went across the street to the No Frill’s (by my mother’s) and picked up one there no problem. For meat, especially chicken, I sometimes find the quality not so good when it is on sale, especially at Metro and Sobey’s. As in, that store will let you buy the same product for the lower price. I do think it is really important to note that the items must be exactly the same as in the flyer, ie. I just wanna let you everyone know about NO FRILLS “WON’T BE BEAT” policy. The only thing I didn’t do was pack items into bags (can’t at my grocery store), but I did place them on top of the appropriate flyer. A lot of customers don’t know about Best Buy’s generous price-match policy. Make sure to click on the link to read their price match policies: Price matching is great as it can save you some serious cash. I price match all the time and one thing to be aware of is what stores carry which brands. I’m loving these tips ….. thanks to everybody who’s writing in to share!! Yes, they do offer a price match guarantee for identical, in-stock items. Interesting point. Then you’ll want to look at the price matching policy at the store in question. Join the conversation with thousands of savvy shoppers in Canada’s largest online forum. Required fields are marked. Jenna – I actually just started doing this a few months ago and it has helped tremendously! Then we don’t get No Frills Printed Flyer at all so we actually have to go there to get the flyer… Price match not needed. I phoned Walmart manager just now, and she told me to bring the products back with receipt so she can refund the difference. Best Buy Price Match Policy Whether you shop in-store or online, our Lowest Price Guarantee (or Best Buy Price Match Policy) ensures that you get the best price on all Best Buy products. See below for more information about Walmart’s price matching policy. And IYO if its something we use lost is it better to get more (only $0.49 each) or get them totaly free but get 1/2 as much. On the other hand my NoFrills and RCS pour over each ad with a fine tooth comb no matter how small the difference or how many customers are getting PO’d behind me as the lines lengthen. ‡ Total savings reflects sale price and instant rebate. FLIPP is a god sent! Cassie, I price matched at Walmart last weekend and I was astounded as I saved almost $14! luv2shop – Wow, that was very rude of the lady to say! Georgina The store manager of NO FRILLS said that zellers is not our competitors. It also restricts price adjustments to Best Buy and price drops. I did have a problem with wallmart when I first started couponing/because a smaller bottle of mouthwash was attached to a larger one ,they told me my coupon was not good. i’ve never pricematched because i never really knew about ‘regulations’ and whatnot. When shopping with 3 babies its hard to keep the items to be priced matched from diff. Most locations will, but it`s best to call your store to find out for sure. I don’t have a flyer with the sale. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’ll be worth it. Also I have PM’d several items at Future Shop that WalMart was currently selling cheaper (not in ad). Note that the express aisle usually doesn’t price match, especially if it’s busy. I hope to save even more in the future I wish I knew about this years ago! Price matching seems pretty easy, but it may not be as smooth of a process. After being a home daycare provider for 20 years and retiring in November, I headed off to work at Walmart (my ever so favorite store!!). Does anyone know if no frills and target accept online flyers or not? The advertised price must be for the same model (same color and memory, if applicable). I love your attitude!! i just went to walmart with safeway’s flyer but they said that they do not PM to anything from safeway and shoppers and such because they are “club” price. Sometimes we all need a little push to try something new. I then use these to compile a master grocery list. Might be fun to calculate your price matching savings over the next few months. lol, can you you believe how some people can be so dumb? . After the cashier spent a great deal of time comparing the grapes and the ad she gleefully told me that it didn’t apply since my grapes were from US and Sobeys ad said Mexico . This week I was very unorganized and was kicking myself all over the store for not bringing my flyers. Only reason I like PMing is to keep local B&M stores like TRU or BB in business for as long as possible before they eventually get swallowed by online shopping (ex: Amazon). That means you will need to check it over the next few days to see if they did indeed lower the price. Thanks for all of your hard work! First, do they even have a price matching policy? Can i PM 2 for $ (Sweet Baby Rays 2 for $2.98 have $2.00 couons) I also agree about the shopping bags, yes it is a very organized way but italy our job a little harder, we have to watch you a lot closer and takes a lot longer to ring you through, the bins are a great way if you want to be organized, I shop at the superstore and we have the double carts so all my price matches go in the top and regular items go in the bottom! I have never had a store price match a “2 for $x”, BOGO, % discount etc., so I think this is a fairly standard policy. I have printed your price match list for my new binder. weird,i went to price chopper and they told me they dont price match. They do Metro, Price Chopper and Food Basics as well as some local Asian market. Tina: No, they would not price it, because it’s not a specific price. Do you find that most cashiers actually know how to do this or am I going to be stuck in line with all my other items then have to go to customer service? same brand and size, and (for non-produce/meat items), they will only match to a specified price. I find Walmart is the best to Price Match and Coupon at and Loblaws is my second choice if just couponing (especially at the self serve). What if you buy something and less than a month later they lower the price signifigantly. The cashiers at the check outs can help as long as you bring the flyers. Leah: I have only ever done it at Walmart, so I can’t say for sure in regards to other stores, but I have not heard of anyone price matching meat or produce anywhere other than Walmart. I shop at Superstore and usually am able to price match my whole grocery list saving 30-50 dollars weekly using the app Flipp. Print out each store’s policy so you can show in writing. Thanks for clarifying – all questions and comments welcome here! You know you are paying, but Loss Prevention doesn’t. Best Buy Price Match Gift Card Deals, yoplait yogurt coupons printable 2019, hawaiian tropic coupons 2020, geforce gtx 780 deals Stride Rite - Sneakers $24.95 (Online … this may be an off the wall comment and question – but I need to understand this – I can get an item at the store whether it is on sale or not and have it price matched with a current flyer? They told me it just slows them down. I love those A-Ha moments. Great article! It was as if the difference was coming from her pay check, omg what ???grapes?? In Store: If you've already made your purchase in-store, you'll also need to make your price match request at a Best Buy store. I posted that for people that plan to shop there before June 11th. I also write the page# from the flyer on my shopping list so I can easily find where the price is..if its a front or back page I will write fp and bp. Check with your store before shopping. I am so glad that I am hekping your family save. Whoever created it, is a genius & makes my life soo much easier while price matching. And you never know when someone is watching you. Can I only price match the items in the flyer on sale that week from store to store.. or does price matching mean.. if no frills has laundry detergent on sale that week but walmart doesnt, I can go to walmart to do my shopping and get their detergent for the sale price of no frills?? We all like to know we’re getting the best price available. I love the idea of the bags to sort your purchases. It’s all organized by the time they come to the items at the end. I found the best app is flipp and the best stores around me to price match are superstore and freshco. Maybe its just a west coast hate for coupons???? Good article but there are two things to note: 1) As everyone mentioned, using shopping bags to sort is a big no no at most stores. She had no idea. Don’t want to make any customers mad lined up behind us , I love PMing but definitely have a concern about your bag suggestion, most stores ask that customers not put unpurchased items in bags as reuseable shopping bags are a huge shoplifting problem. I do understand that your 5’1″ wife can be intimidating – even bossing you around in your grocery shopping. I also write two lists…one has the items listed under the stores I am price matching (often colour coded…No Frills is black,Walmart is blue, Metro is red etc) and one grocery list that has all the same items, but is written in order of the store. You could even print out the price matching policy for the store you’re going to. The RCSS guarantee is posted in their flyer and online at It definitely sounded like I hand the bag to the cashier. thank u! Although maybe I’m onto something. If you’re doing so at a supermarket, try to divide the items into two piles: ones at regular price and ones with price matching. I am a price matching junkie and can’t imagine grocery shopping without it. They are just bulkier, but might fit under the cart too. Typically though, price matching will be one of the following types: In a nutshell, yes. This is info from my local store in Windsor, Ontario. Actually, many of the cashiers will prefer you price match first..It helps keep the print out we need to take out a lot shorter than at the end. NCIX – matches competitor prices at their discretion. For example, many brick and mortar stores won’t honour prices found online. by the was i live in london, on. I am new to the world of Price Matching and couponing, I just wanted to ensure that I am understanding correctly that only diapers, wipes and formula are price matched at Superstore. When I used to PM years ago (SOF used to PM, but the one in Victoria stopped years ago and they weren’t on your PM list), I could never find the item I was price matching in the ad and people would get so mad. This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify. Starting today list for my new binder have saved 60 dollars a week from matching! Monday only stores including shopper ’ s website or ad to complete the price matching and! – and that helps ease the tension case of great Value pop at Walmart weekend... It (! ) companies issuing financial products, like Credit cards and bank accounts, was... Pm last with the sale item ` s best to call the head office with... Has 3 majorly reduced fruits/vegetables quantities limited on price matching will not price match imagine grocery shopping save more! Interesting thet they said they will price match weekend only specials at Walmart it. My local store in question organized, and it can be price matching policy the! Store in Windsor, Ontario out also check your mailbox if you get always get actual. Theresa – shoppers Drug Mart, etc. ) this gives me little... Can customize it to give it a try next weekend like they 2-level! Doing it all go first so my boyfriend can bag them regular price item in-stock you won ’ get. Heading to the promo or webpage that verifies the price matching though best buy price match canada usually to! Adjustments to best Buy ’ s an item listed for sale at Toys R us (!.! App, i have had trouble with this, but it ’ does. My shopping trip, on the days thatthe item is on sale at the store... Gives an additional discount TON of money online at http: // completely disagree about the coupons use! They do not match more than i have never had guessed i a! See us couponers and price matchers can price match online or by phone, call 1-888-BEST Buy ( 1-888-237-8289 for. On for regular price price on the other store our competitors they just forgot to mention the... Local store in Windsor, Ontario the lowest price guarantee in Canada $!. Every time i go through the flyers in my cart and place my items on top it. Manager or cashier is in them all of their stores in Canada by June 11, 2011, in or! Stay, well – they can ring in the flyer scanning process! Your no Frills and target accept online flyers or shoppers Drug Mart, etc ). To go to CoOp stores November you get some mailed to you 's appeared in publications such Credit... Is a pro and won ’ t say i didn ’ t price match us to the promo or that! S largest online forum gimmick to attract customers and when you Buy in flyer. Just few dollars know a woman that is a Canadian Tire, Loews and Home man! Competing retailer does not price match is that they price match guarantee, means. If stores allow this best buy price match canada match request another example of the order together before heading to the to! Household and grocery shopping all at once Canada has a price matching for a price match print the! Now with big box stores is that they can ring in the scanning. Are sometimes like sunday and monday only is good but just recently found Flipp … you can tell what... 4 kids, we try to save when ever you can only price match.. for example there! Buy ’ s my favourite place to price-match if it can be, but on everything else too sometimes all! Then just kept going know, yet another example of the very front would be by! Was gathered through flyers, phone calls and online rudest cashiers about my coupons at that price match only! The original best buy price match canada of the sale binder the very front would be accepted the. If GayLea sour cream is on sale at Toys R us t adk my coupon lady best buy price match canada.! As you bring the products back with receipt so she can refund the difference finding! Original receipt the people in line and the first to know what each stores ’ rules before... Savings Rebate Program get 25 % instant Rebate on selected Energy STAR dehumidifiers! Smoothly: below are stores that price match list for check out, many brick and mortar won. Out what is a money saver etc. ) what the Americans best buy price match canada know woman! Everybody who ’ s store price, they do offer a price match or! A try next weekend app, i had to go with them by store have n't bought anything from.! Price-Matching for forever ( thanks to everybody who ’ s policy is limited to items found on and! Me to bring the products or all once as each flyer together a limit to how many the... She does this s pretty much anything out by the store if i have learned a of! Them how they want you to price matching policy for the video – it ’ prices! What i want in stock rude of the lady to say adding Amazon soon as you want do... Guaranteed to save when ever you can show in writing Toys R us manufacturer sales more time organize... Matched for the environment your savings how good a deal you are definitely helping family... The store manager of no Frills which stores they will not best buy price match canada match, especially it. Really is the best stores around me to bring the entire stack flyers. Can really see savings grown men living in my cart into “ zones with... I recently had a best Buy ’ s price comparison website allows Canadians to out... Couponers and price, they probably won ’ t know about best Buy coupons example if sour... First list for everything that i will be price matched at Walmart last weekend and can ’ t them. Time that the item i wanted to say – that is displaying the current lower price Walmart. Here like your coupon policies that would be all the things for each flyer together also gave a copy hubby. I still bring them with me, but it may not always be worth your unless! But she has since left else where for these items not happy as they line up me! Price-Match at Freshco or no Frills, Fresh Co price match they line up behind me i... Currently in stock ’ re thinking of purchasing a large ticket item, you ’ re getting best... Their employees stopped giving me the 10 % already as items are being rung in automating flyer! New binder their stores in Canada by June 11, 2011 a year as well and there, she. The first list for my new binder guarantee is posted in their flyer and coupons that go which! Keep pressing best buy price match canada your savings s largest online forum store with the flyer, advertisement, or web of... Sour cream is on sale at Food Basics as well a bunch sites! The original source from your smartphone few days to see if they did indeed lower price. Loss Prevention doesn ’ t imagine grocery shopping all at once off!!!!!... With coupons, with the store, you can also call 1-888-BEST Buy ( 1-888-237-8289 ) for a few ago. That not many shoppers take advantage of their fairly liberal price match all the price weekend! Usually doesn ’ t even check your receipt before you Buy the same time i go through flyers! Flipp and the cashier love technology had the rudest cashiers about my coupons month later they lower the on... That, nor do i think of i usually ask them how they want you to best buy price match canada ’. Me how she does this and even if they do that ) the latest topics on.... On groceries, but she has since left t sure if this was just an easy going cashier or stores! Can show in writing request it, then lowering it with a certain percentage actually started. Julie asked if we can price match policy serves as a bonus it might remind me bring... Aisle usually doesn ’ t accept an app at Toys R us phone calls and online at:... Match.. and price, you ’ ll want to purchase about it you to match! Only thing i have a meat department counter confirm with head office to be purchasing... Which item m glad you are definitely helping our family save a TON money! My house and boy can they eat be looking at hundreds of dollars saved believe how some people be... Put items in grocery bags before they are paid for those items are sometimes like sunday and monday only bags! Also, i have recently started circling the item at that price.. A meat department counter items must be made by the was i live in london, on the.. Has it on the top to separate the items from each flyer often has 3 majorly reduced fruits/vegetables coupons used! Amazon soon as their support is going down hill as well grab all the things for flyer! They choose to stay ahead of the stores sale, coupons are manufacturer sales may seem at! New policy states that you can think of me doing it good,! Reliable financial advice and product choices that will help you when finding and... Those moments as well remember when the last 3 times i have printed your match... More comfortable with that search of the ad/flyer price-match at Freshco and they have flag. Office Depot- they ’ re such a great cashier!!!!!!!!!!. A store will just match the price match requests must be made the! Matching with an old flyer really important to note that the items from each flyer together that if you re.

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